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Annette’s unique combination of credentials and expertise as a CPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional give her a comprehensive view of Financial Planning, Investments and Taxes. With each and every step, whether its Investment Advisory, Financial Planning or Tax Planning /Preparation, Annette is utilizing financial and tax planning aspects at each decision. Since all financial and investment decisions are intimately connected with taxes, Annette has a superior perspective to help her clients plan accordingly, while reducing the tax impact at each decision point. As your trusted CPA advisor, Annette can take you all the way from taxes to investing, financial planning & retirement. Her goal is to form lifelong relationships built on trust and integrity. One professional, who understands your finances and taxes from A to Z.  Offering a seamless menu of financial services.

Di Bello Financial, Inc. is a Fee Only Registered Investment Advisor. The firm is not compensated by commissions or referral fees and does not sell any insurance or financial products. Our approach to investing lies in the fundamental principle of Value Investing. Quality investments are made after careful analysis of Companies with proven track records and strong fundamentals, while adhering to a long term horizon. Being a Registered Investment Advisor, a CPA and a CFP®, the firm is a Fiduciary. As such, we formulate financial and tax planning strategies and goals with the client's best interest always placed before our own. For additional educational information, please visit our subwebsite by clicking Here.


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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."
- Albert Einstein






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